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Spinning the Vote

Spider StuffyStuffy the Stand-in had one last costume he wanted to take out for a spin and it was driving him up the wall not to wear it.  So he thought he’d drop in to the website and wear it while hanging around to hear the results of all the costume voting:

Saturday – Lobster
Sunday – Cow
Monday – Bee
Tuesday – Dinosaur
Wednesday – Witch
Thursday – Tourist
Friday – Black Cat
Saturday – Devil
Halloween – Death Cat

We hope everyone has enjoyed the week-long Halloween fashion show.  Thank you to everyone who left an opinion for Stuffy the Stand-in.

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Classic Showdown

Stuffy the Stand-in is back to his regularly scheduled costume confrontation after taking the day off yesterday to celebrate National Cat Day.  Today's costume faceoff is timeless: good vs. evil . . . heaven vs. hell . . . angel vs. devil.  Articles written about Oscar the death predicting cat often refer to him as the Angel of Death and say the fact that he comforts people at the end of their lives is a force of good.  Other people think a cat who can predict when people will die is the work of the devil.  Stuffy the Stand-in is representing both sides of the debate today.

So if a death predicting cat crept into your room, would you view it as a blessing or a curse?  Fly on over to the comments and let Stuffy the Stand-in know if you prefer your cats angelically beautiful or devilishly handsome. 

Angel Stuffy

Devil Stuffy

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Happy National Cat Day!

October 29 was National Cat Day, so Stuffy the Stand-in decided to skip his usual costume conundrum and select his own outfit (you can enjoy his Halloween fashion show here and vote for your favorites).  Since it was such a special day, there was only one thing Stuffy the Stand-in could dress as . . . a cat!  So he decided to be a witch’s black cat.  We think his choice is the cat’s meow!

Kitty Stuffy

Every October 29th, National Cat Day shines attention on the fact that an alarming number of cats need to be rescued each year.  We grew up in a house full of animals, and all of our current “babies” are rescues; so we were proud of the fact that Marmalade and Mason, the feline stars of Saying Goodbye, were adopted from shelters.  We have a great deal of admiration and respect for all the people who work and volunteer at shelters to improve the lives of all our furry friends, and we want to thank them for all that they do.

National Cat Day is also about celebrating the cats in our lives.  So because of that, we are reposting the Kitty Cat Dance, since it shows why cats are such amazing creatures: they are independent, clever, stubborn, and absolutely adorable.  If you own a cat, make sure to give him/her plenty of love today, and if you don’t have one, consider how you can help your local shelters.  

Have a purr-fectly wonderful National Cat Day! 

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Havoc on the High Seas

Stuffy the Stand-In’s costume face-off takes to the water again today (view his other outfits here).  Ahoy matey, arrrr you ready for the pirate costume, you scurvy dog?  The pirate is determined to hook the most votes, so you better scramble below deck before it forces the other costume to walk the plank.  The cruise ship tourist costume pictures life as a carnival as it sails away on vacation.  The tourist is so sure of its titanic victory over the other costume that it sees no need to go overboard, it just smiles big for the camera.

So when sailing the seven seas, who do you want to be your captain: Jack Sparrow or Merrill Stubing?  Shake your booty on over to the comments section to let Stuffy know if you prefer the Jolly Roger or the Love Boat.

Pirate Stuffy

Tourist Stuffy

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Fairytale Fights

Stuffy the Stand-in’s costume challenge is still going strong.  Take a look here to see any of the outfits you might have missed and vote for your favorites.

We all know guys like to dress as gals for Halloween, so Stuffy the Stand-in was inspired today by two classic characters from fairytales.  When the idea for the witch costume started to brew, it made him cackle, since he knew he would charm everyone with his wicked outfit.  Let’s just hope the other costume doesn’t turn green with envy or fly off the handle and start cursing when the fans fall under the witch costume’s spell and make it a clean sweep with the votes.  Or maybe the voters will come to the rescue of the damsel in distress and appoint the princess costume the queen of the castle.  It would be a crowning achievement to dethrone the other costume in such a royal and majestic way.

So when reading your favorite fairy tales, do you root for the beautiful princess or the clever witch?   Wave your magic wand to leave a comment for Stuffy the Stand-in about whether you prefer Sugar or Spice.

Witch Stuffy

Princess Stuffy

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Past Versus Future

Have you been keeping up with Stuffy the Stand-in’s daily costume smack down?  Click here to check out the other costumes and vote for your favorites.

Today a creature from the past clashes with a creature from the future.  To make sure he didn’t seem like a lazy bones, Stuffy the Stand-in knew he needed something dinomite to keep from becoming extinct in today’s contest.  So he found this spiffy dinosaur costume that he thinks will fossilitate votes while preventing a reptile dysfunction.  Or maybe Stuffy the Stand-in needs something out of this world to match the gravity of the contest.  It’s universal knowledge than a sparkly blue space alien costume will probe people to vote, which will launch Stuffy the Stand-in into a meteoric rise in fame as his popularity blasts off.

So if you were a scientist studying strange creatures, would you rather be a paleontologist or a xenologist?  Moonwalk your way to the comments section and tell Stuffy the Stand-in whether you’re on Team Barney or Team ET. 

Dino Stuffy

Alien Stuffy

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Flying Fracas

After battling on land and sea, Stuffy the Stand-in is now taking to the air.  Tired of hanging around, Stuffy the Stand-in found a bat costume that turned his world upside down, so he flew at it with blind enthusiasm.  But just because he bats his eyelashes at you, don’t cave in until you see the other choice.  “Honey, the girls will swarm around me, when I’m a cute little bee,” Stuffy the Stand-in waxed poetically when he caught a glimpse of his royal reflection.  Let’s hope those bold words don’t come back to sting him when he bumbles his way through his pick-up lines and breaks out into nervous hives. 

So what’s the best way to defy gravity: flapping through the darkness or flitting from flower to flower?  Fly on over to the comments section to let Stuffy the Stand-in know which aerial attire you like the best.  And help us build buzz by spreading the word about Stuffy the Stand-in’s daily costume clash. 

Bat Stuffy

Bee Stuffy

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Barnyard Battle

After duking it out under the sea, Stuffy the Stand-in is ready to move to dry land.  Since Stuffy the Stand-in loves milking his fame as a moovie star, he thinks this udderly adorable cow costume would be an amoosing choice.  The steaks are high since the perfect costume is no bull, so he needs something legendairy.  But the pig costume thinks this is hogwash and flings mud on its opponent by claiming the cow is boaring.  When he’s done swine-ing about the cow, the pig then proves he’s a ham by squealing about how awesome he is. 

So here’s the mouth-watering question: should Stuffy the Stand-in beef himself up or bring home the bacon?  Hoof it to the comments to tell Stuffy the Stand-in which tasty dinner meat, uh, we mean farm critter, looks the cutest.

Cow Stuffy

Pig Stuffy

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Trick or Treat!

Here at Death Cat Entertainment, we love getting dressed up for Halloween.  The smallest member of our team, Stuffy the Stand-in, has been in a tizzy the past few weeks trying to decide what to wear on All Hallows’ Eve.  So in the week leading up to the big night, he will model his various costumes and let his fans help him decide what to wear.

First up, it’s a skirmish at sea!  Stuffy the Stand-in found this jawsome shark costume he really wants to sink his teeth into.  He thinks it would be lots of fin to nibble on a few surfers.  But then he found himself in a pinch when he discovered the lobster costume because he was already in hot water for buying the shark costume with the company card.  

So it boils down to this: is being a crustacean everything it’s cracked up to be or will he be steamed if he wears something else?  Don’t be shellfish, leave a comment telling Stuffy the Stand-in which oceanic costume suits him best.

Stuffy Shark

Stuffy Lobster

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Happy Anniversary!

A year ago today, we woke up at the crack of dawn with our stomachs churning, applied an extra three coats of antiperspirant, and tried to act confident as we stepped on set for our first day of filming.  It’s almost impossible to believe a year has flown by since that awesome, yet nerve-wracking week of filming Saying Goodbye.  We miss our awesome students and our amazing professionals who made that week such a memorable experience.  We hope the past year has treated you well.

If you’d asked us a year ago, we would have guessed the movie would have been long done by now and already making the rounds at film festivals.  But since everyone involved has day jobs, it’s taken a little longer than we anticipated.  However, it’s important to us that we make the best film we possibly can, and as we near the finish line, we hope we’re making a movie our cast and crew are proud to be a part of. 

To celebrate our one year anniversary, we’re reposting the kitty cat dance video since it shows how much fun we had on set.   Enjoy!