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Wishin’ and Hopin’

How much fun can one person have with a free trial of IMDB Pro?  For a TV/movie junkie like me, the answer is waaaaay too much!  I signed up for the month-long trial so I could start searching for potential actresses for the main parts. 

Luckily, the Pro version has detailed filters, so I am able to narrow down my search to “ladies of a certain age.”  Then I comb through the information to see which ones have acted recently and have previously starred in low budget films to gauge whether we have a chance in Hades of getting them.  Actresses I have seen with natural-sounding southern accents rather than that cringe-inducing, syrupy-sweet Hollywood version move to the top of my wish list. 

I created a spreadsheet to keep track of the actresses and their relevant facts, so I'll have access to the information when my trial runs out.  Is that cheating? 

So who would my dream cast be for the three main roles if practicality flew out the window?  Frances Sternhagen, Olympia Dukakis, and Amy Adams.

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They stole our idea!

House MD with Death CatI can’t believe it!  I just finished watching the House episode “Here Kitty” and they totally stole our idea (even though ours is MUCH better).  House even called the kitty Death Cat!!  I guess the House writers read the same article about Oscar that I did.