Stuffy the Stand-in’s costume challenge is still going strong.  Take a look here to see any of the outfits you might have missed and vote for your favorites.

We all know guys like to dress as gals for Halloween, so Stuffy the Stand-in was inspired today by two classic characters from fairytales.  When the idea for the witch costume started to brew, it made him cackle, since he knew he would charm everyone with his wicked outfit.  Let’s just hope the other costume doesn’t turn green with envy or fly off the handle and start cursing when the fans fall under the witch costume’s spell and make it a clean sweep with the votes.  Or maybe the voters will come to the rescue of the damsel in distress and appoint the princess costume the queen of the castle.  It would be a crowning achievement to dethrone the other costume in such a royal and majestic way.

So when reading your favorite fairy tales, do you root for the beautiful princess or the clever witch?   Wave your magic wand to leave a comment for Stuffy the Stand-in about whether you prefer Sugar or Spice.

Witch Stuffy

Princess Stuffy