Rebecca Koon teaches a new card gameFate had already told us that Rebecca Koon was meant to be in our movie, but we had no idea how much of an asset she would be on set.  It almost goes without saying that she is an immensely talented actress who completely brought Alma to life.  But in addition to that, she has taken on many other roles.  She is our liaison to the residents – going to their rooms to spend time talking with them and giving them guidance when they are in the scenes.  She is an assistant cat wrangler – in several scenes where Mason wasn’t sure he wanted to cooperate, she’s been able to coax a performance out of him.  She helped with set decoration – she brought several family photos and other items from home to help bring Alma’s room to life.  And teacher – while setting up the poker scene, she had several students gathered around her as she taught them something with the cards.  Knowing how many varied skills Rebecca posseses, she was probably teaching them to count cards in order to take on the Vegas casinos.  Hopefully they will win enough money to finance our next movie!