After nearly two years of suffering through story after story about making my movie, I thought it was finally time to let all my co-workers watch the film they'd heard so much about. Yes, I have a "real" job working for a utility company.

Turns out our quarterly meeting was the perfect opportunity. We were off-site, so it would be a little more special than cramming everyone into a conference room, and since the meeting is semi-mandatory, I would have a captive audience.

So after a morning of great presentations and fun team building, Jocelyn crashed the meeting and it was time for us to show everyone the movie… and then the computer crashed. Don't they always? After a quick reboot, everything was back on track, and I started the film.

Now I'd warned everyone that the movie was sad (and most people knew that already), but as I scanned the crowd during the sad parts, I felt kind of guilty as people tried their best to hide tears from their co-workers. Luckily we'd just had lunch, so there were plenty of napkins left on the tables for covert tear dabbing.

After it was finished, everyone had lots of great questions and comments. My favorite was "Wow, that looked like a real movie." Ironically, that's the reaction a lot of my friends have, and it always makes me laugh (maybe it should make me worry). What did they expect–sock puppets?