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Putty Gone Bad

As you may know, highly anticipated movies are often delivered to theaters with false names to maintain secrecy.  Since Saying Goodbye is such a highly anticipated flick, Cliff delivered the rough cut to us with the label, “Death Cat 2: Putty Gone Bad.”  With great eagerness, nervousness, excitement, and even a touch of nausea, we popped the DVD into the player to watch it.

It was a surreal experience watching our movie for the first time.
There’s the complete shock of “Holy crap, that’s our movie on the TV!” 

There’s the slight feeling of panic that it doesn’t 100% match the movie we’ve been carrying in our heads since day one…

… followed by the feeling of relief when we realize it doesn’t matter because this version is just as good. 

There’s the utter joy of “Oh my God, we actually did it!”

And then many other emotions swirling around our buzzing brains.  It’s hard to image how it’s going to feel watching it in a movie theater up on the big screen.


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Happy Holidays from Death Cat

Here's a special holiday surprise from Death Cat Entertainment. May 2010 be a great year for us all.

Don't be fooled by this super-cool animation, Saying Goodbye is actually a live-action drama.

Set for release in early 2010, Saying Goodbye chronicles an elderly woman's last year of life in a southern nursing home, while a cat with mysterious powers accurately predicts the deaths of her fellow residents.

This short was funded by the SC Film Commission's Production Fund, a program designed to pair students with professionals in the film industry.

Read about our adventures making the movie or see the fun for yourself.

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Become a Facebook Fan

Things are coming along great with "Saying Goodbye." We're in the middle of editing now and should have that done by the end of the month. Then it's on to music and finally the big premiere!

A lot of people have been asking us what's the best way to stay on top of everything that's happening with "Saying Goodbye." Our answer is always: "Become a Facebook Fan."

We've set up this blog so that every time we make a new entry it automatically posts an alert to our Facebook Fan page. If you become a fan, you will be notified when something new and newsworthy happens to "Saying Goodbye."

We plan to premiere the movie around the beginning of the year, and then it's off to the festivals, so become a Facebook Fan today and never miss a beat! Tell your friends to become fans too. Together we can start building the all important BUZZ for "Saying Goodbye."

Here is the link to become a Fan:

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Road Trip!

Concentrix StudioWith a small break between the end of filming and the start of editing, we decided it was time to meet with the man who will be scoring our film.  So we grabbed Cliff for a road trip up to Charlotte to meet with Fred Story and his team at Concentrix.  Walking in the door of Concentrix was eerily similar to walking into Genesis.  Both Fred and Cliff love what they do and have built offices and studios to reflect their passion and creativity.  Both buildings have vibrant, beautiful rooms and other clever touches that make them ideal places to work.
During our meeting with Fred and sound designer Anthony, we could tell we were in good hands.  Fred seemed very excited about the project and had lots of thoughts on how to use music to enhance the viewing experience.  He even had an idea on how to make Gabriel’s presence felt in places where we weren’t able to get our ideal cat footage - give Gabriel his own theme like Darth Vader or Friday the 13th's Jason.  We vote for using the Jaws theme when Gabriel enters a room - that would certainly change the flavor of the movie.

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Picture’s Up!

Preston takes picturesOur behind-the-scenes photographers Ashley Johnson and Preston Evans captured so many great pictures from our week of shooting.  We have posted them on flickr - you can browse through them and actually feel like you were on set!

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That’s a Wrap

Wrap party at Jillian'sNow it’s time to celebrate!  We had our wrap party at Jillian’s, a huge space in downtown Columbia that has pool tables, a game room, a dance floor, and giant TVs everywhere.  We reserved a section just for us with two pool tables – Jillian’s even decorated our area with balloons.  We stuffed ourselves with pizza and attempted to play pool.  Each game took a really long time because most of us are pretty bad players.  It was great to have a chance to relax and talk to everyone about things other than light placements or ornery cats.  We hope everyone had fun!

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Martini’s Up!

Fitz Rutherford getting his hair doneIt’s hard to believe today was the last day of filming.   The schedule was light, with all the scenes being filmed in Alma’s room.  We did have one tricky shot that involved taking the sliding glass door down and setting up the camera rig on the balcony.  It’s the first scene with Alma and Kathy together, and Cliff wanted it to be all one shot with no cuts or alternate camera angles.  It took a number of takes to get every single nuance right, but it will be a nice change of pace from all the quick cuts and fast scenes of the opening when Gabriel is stalking the halls. 

After finishing those scenes, it was just a matter of filming some transition shots of life around the nursing home.  Cliff brought in his wife, kids, and parents to have a “Grandma!  Grandpa!” scene.  We also had several of our standard extras help us capture a few more transitions.

And then it was time for the very last shot.  Agapé has a hair salon on site, so we had a couple of our favorite ladies sit in the chairs pretending to get their hair done.  We even had Susan Hogue, our executive producer, playing one of the hairdressers.  What a fun shot to be the very last one!  And what mixed feelings… relief at finally being finished, excitement to see how it’s all going to cut together, and sadness that everyone will now scatter in their separate directions.

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Walmart Wackiness

We know that a well-fed crew is a happy crew, and we’d heard horror stories about movies falling apart because of bad craft services, so we wanted to make sure we had plenty of yummy munchies on hand.  Therefore the Walmart down the road from Agapé became our home away from home.  We actually spent three and a half hours there the night before the first day, loading buggy after buggy with food guaranteed to please the taste buds, but not the bathroom scale.  And since it’s close to Halloween, we got extra-fun treats like pretzels shaped like bats and candy corn flavored Hershey's Kisses.  After a week of us popping in several times a day, usually to buy water and soda, the checkout folks at the registers were starting to get dizzy from seeing us go through the lines again and again.

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Clear Blue Sky

Pretty flowersWe have been anxiously checking the weather channel for the past week, because our big garden scene was scheduled for today.  The last three days were cold and drizzly, but the weather people said it was going to clear.  And thank goodness they were right!  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day if we had special ordered it.  The sky was a beautiful blue, and the temperature was at that perfect spot where you don’t quite need a jacket, but you don’t have to worry about sweating. 

Reese’s Plants delivered a truck full of beautifully flowering plants, and our art department arranged them to create the illusion of a garden in the full bloom of summer – it was gorgeous!  It was so convincing that the surprised bees and butterflies flocked to our area.  The butterflies were a welcome addition to the shot, whereas the bees caused several “cuts” when they became a little too interested in our actors.

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Taking a Break

Because the students still have to go to their other classes, we scheduled the shoot during their fall break; however, they still had classes the first part of this week.  Since we didn't want to encourage them to be class-skipping delinquents, we decided to take a break from filming on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Having the two days off turned out to be a great idea to recharge the batteries and catch up on tasks that had fallen by the wayside (like sleep!).  The best part was not having to wake up before the sun!