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That Darn Cat

Kevin Costner with MarmaladeWhen we tell people about the movie, the first question everyone asks is, “What are you doing about the cat?”

Good thing we have an answer!  Senia Phillips of Southern Animal Talent Agency is providing us with an A-list actor: Marmalade!  Rescued from an animal shelter, Senia says he’s the smartest cat she’s ever trained.

From Fried Green Tomatoes and Pet Sematary II to Big Fish and One Missed Call, Senia and her animal stars have a very impressive resume including 60 movies listed on IMDB

Look for Marmalade staring opposite Kevin Costner in The New Daughter to be released later this year. 

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In the beginning, the director commanded, “Let there be Lights! Camera! Action!”  Despite having worked with Brian in the past, Cliff Springs has agreed to direct our movie.

Cliff Springs is the owner of Genesis Creative and a USC Media Arts graduate.  He is an accomplished writer and editor, as well as an award-winning artist and director, who has been in the business sixteen years.  Cliff built his company on the belief that great movies and great talent can come from outside of Hollywood, and to that endGenesis Creative has almost completely staffed Genesis Creative with USC Media Arts graduates.  Cliff will bring this talented team of production professionals to the project as first assistant director, art director, gaffer, key grip, and editor.  He calls them misfits, but don’t tell them that.

Genesis Creative is quickly becoming the premiere production company for anything cinematic in South Carolina with the opening of Genesis Studios. This brand new production facility in Cayce, SC, includes one of the state's largest, privately owned sound stages and two HD edit suites.  It looks like a real, honest-to-goodness movie studio!

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Holy cat! We’re making a movie!

We're making a movie!“The good news is that you were chosen as a grant recipient for our production fund. The bad news is that you were chosen as a grant recipient for our production fund!!!!”

That’s the email we just received from Tom Clark of the SC Film Commission.  We won!  We won!  Now we get to see our short screenplay, Saying Goodbye, come to life!  We’re so excited, although we know there’s a lot of hard work ahead.

We're sure y’all are dying to hear about our adventures, so follow our journey here as we make our first movie.

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Saying Goodbye chronicles an elderly woman's last year of life in a southern nursing home, while a cat with mysterious powers accurately predicts the deaths of her fellow residents.

This short independent film was funded by a grant from the SC Film Commission's Production Fund and sponsored by the University of South Carolina Art and Theatre Departments. This program is designed to pair students with professionals in the film industry.

Read about our adventures making the movie or see the fun for yourself. Show your support for Saying Goodbye by "liking" us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

Saying Goodbye Cast and Crew