Agape Senior LogoWhen we first started talking about making this movie, two things made us really nervous: finding a cat and finding a location. We knew we could do some pretty creative stuff, but you can’t really fake a cat nor can you fake an assisted living facility (unless you have tons of money). Luckily we won’t have to do either. By now you’ve heard about Marmalade, well now let us tell you about Agapé Senior.

Agapé Senior is a senior care facility located in West Columbia, SC. They provide care for all stages of senior living.

The staff is amazing and the location is beautiful. When we first visited them, it was almost scary how many things we had written in the script that already existed at Agapé. They even have a resident cat that looks just like Marmalade (although they insist he has no magical death predicting powers).

It’s truly a wonderful place, and we’re honored to be filming Saying Goodbye at Agapé Senior.