Fred with cameraOne of the topics for this semester is editing, so the students attended a SC Film Commission workshop on editing and Cliff also conducted a class on editing for them.  Then to practice what they’d learned, the students were divided into three teams of two and tasked with creating a 3-5 minute Behind the Scenes featurette using the footage Nate and Fred filmed on set. 

Today’s class was the big unveiling of their projects, and it was so much fun!  The teams did a great job of selecting interesting moments and putting them together in an entertaining way.  And because the two of us spent a lot of that week of shooting running around stressed because of misbehaving felines and other issues, it was great to be reminded of how much fun everyone had.  We’ll be posting the students’ videos over the coming weeks. 

With the class starting out in such an entertaining way, poor Jocelyn then had to follow that up with a lecture on press kits and all the pieces that make a great one.  It’s good stuff to know, but it’s not exactly riveting material.