Photo by Low Country RVOnce we secured St. Lawrence as our perfect location, we realized we had a problem of a biological nature.  While the cemetery is beautiful, it was built with a focus on the dead, so no restrooms or Port-o-Lets to be found.  And since we are filming in the middle of the night, it’s not like there are places nearby we can ferry people for bio breaks.  Granted the guys might be able get by, but taking a leak on someone’s grave is probably an excellent way to ensure a life-long haunting.  And since there are a number of women in the cast and crew anyway, we had to figure out an alternative.

We googled RV rentals in the area and found a great camper from Low Country RV.  Randy and Shy have started a business renting out their RV, with plans to buy more RVs for future expansion.  Their RV is exactly what we need – not only does it have that all important restroom, but the main room is the perfect space for makeup artist Ashley Brook Perryman and her assistant Lindsey to work their magic.  It also has another room where the actresses can get dressed, as well as a number ofJohanna, Ashley, and Joy inside RV beds for napping between scenes.  It also has a stove, range, and microwave to warm food for meals and snacks. 

Since nobody in our family has a car capable of pulling that giant beast (not to mention the skill needed to maneuver it), Randy and Shy have agreed to drop the RV off in the cemetery each evening and to pick it up bright and early each morning. Shy even said she would clean it in between so everything would be fresh for us.  Special thanks to them for their help on our project!  If you’re filming a movie in the area and need a comfortable space for your cast and crew, give them a call!