During the filming of Saying Goodbye, we were extremely impressed by the Trident Tech (TTC) students who helped us on set (our busy bees).  Therefore we felt pretty good that for High Heels and Hoodoo half the crew would be made up of TTC students.  But we still couldn’t help worrying a little that maybe we just got lucky the first time.  At least for Saying Goodbye we got to review resumes and pick our own students; this time the students were assigned to us by TTC coordinator Brad Jayne, so we had no idea what we were walking into the first night of shooting.

Luckily TTC truly does do an excellent job training their students, so we had no reason to worry at all.  Max Gordon, Alex Boyd, DiDi Hendley, Karson Kern, and Tonika Brown showed up on Friday afternoon and immediately began swarming to and fro, unloading and setting up equipment.  Sometimes it seemed like they were in two places at one time, especially DiDi who also took pictures in her downtime (along with our sister Joanna Rish, which you can see here).  We are so appreciative of all the hustle and hard work the students did for us that weekend, particularly since filming all night in a chilly graveyard didn’t make for ideal working conditions.  We hope they gained a lot from the experience, and we look forward to hearing great things about their future projects.  

TTC Students on set