After duking it out under the sea, Stuffy the Stand-in is ready to move to dry land.  Since Stuffy the Stand-in loves milking his fame as a moovie star, he thinks this udderly adorable cow costume would be an amoosing choice.  The steaks are high since the perfect costume is no bull, so he needs something legendairy.  But the pig costume thinks this is hogwash and flings mud on its opponent by claiming the cow is boaring.  When he’s done swine-ing about the cow, the pig then proves he’s a ham by squealing about how awesome he is. 

So here’s the mouth-watering question: should Stuffy the Stand-in beef himself up or bring home the bacon?  Hoof it to the comments to tell Stuffy the Stand-in which tasty dinner meat, uh, we mean farm critter, looks the cutest.

Cow Stuffy

Pig Stuffy