We mentioned a few weeks ago that we’re having our West Coast Premiere at the Lady Filmmakers Film Festival.   Whoo hoo!  Well, we now know our screening time: Saying Goodbye is playing on Saturday, October 15th at 12:30pm at the Writers Guild Theater (135 South Doheny Drive  Beverly Hills, CA, 90211). 

Click here for ticket information.

Over that weekend the LFFF will show 70 films from 18 countries featuring talented women like Bryce Dallas Howard, Maria Bello, Olivia Wilde, Rita WIlson, Anna Paquin, and of course our very own Rebecca Koon, Edith Ivey, Mary Elizabeth Cobb, and Jocelyn Rish.  You can check out the full lineup of films here.

If you live near Beverly Hills, stop by on October 15th at 12:30 to see Saying Goodbye’s west coast premiere on the big screen.  And if you don’t live nearby, but know people who do, please let them know about this chance to see some great shorts.  We appreciate the support!