Jeffree BloomerSound makes the difference between a good film and a great film.  To make sure our film is great, we’ve selected two of the best audio talents in the Southeast. 

Taking care of things on set as the sound mixer will be Jeffree Bloomer, MA, C.A.S. of Bimini Production Sound.  His body of work includes the Sundance Grand Jury winner Junebug and the Oscar short winner Two Soldiers.  Since Jeffree earned his Master’s degree in filmmaking from USC and has taught classes about audio in film at both USC and TTC, he’s used to working with students and will be a huge asset during the on-set mentoring.

Fred StoryHandling sound in post-production will be Fred Story of Concentrix Music and Sound Design.  A three-time Emmy winner, Fred will create an original score.  We plan to audition students from the USC Orchestra to perform this score under Fred’s direction.  Fred will also handle foley, ADR, and the master mix.  Learn more about Concentrix and hear demos here.