On Thursday, June 23rd, Saying Goodbye starts its preshow run at Cinebarre theaters across the nation as our prize for winning the Best SC Short Film at the Charleston International Film Festival.  Since the Cinebarre serves food during their feature films, they offer a preshow of short films to entertain people while they order their food, and Saying Goodbye will be one of the shorts.  Our preshow will be in front of all the feature films playing at Cinebarre throughout the week, so if you’ve been meaning to go see one of the current movies, go watch it at the Cinebarre where you will have the added bonus of seeing Saying Goodbye.

Cinebarre theaters are located in Mt. Pleasant, SC; Asheville, NC; Denver, CO; Salem, OR; and Seattle, WA, so if you live in or near those areas, this is a great chance to see Saying Goodbye, and please tell all your friends about it.  We’re not sure how long Saying Goodbye will be part of the preshow – we were told each preshow lasts for a week, but on the Cinebarre website it looks like some of them last longer.  But if you want to make sure you see it at Cinebarre, go as soon as possible and double check the preshow schedule on the Cinebarre website.  And make sure you arrive early enough to see the entire preshow or you might miss our film. 

Check out the Cinebarre website for more information about which feature films are playing there and to check out the menu.  We hope you can make it to one of the showings!  If you do, leave us a comment telling us how the screening went and which feature you saw.