Stuffy the Stand-in is back to his regularly scheduled costume confrontation after taking the day off yesterday to celebrate National Cat Day.  Today’s costume faceoff is timeless: good vs. evil . . . heaven vs. hell . . . angel vs. devil.  Articles written about Oscar the death predicting cat often refer to him as the Angel of Death and say the fact that he comforts people at the end of their lives is a force of good.  Other people think a cat who can predict when people will die is the work of the devil.  Stuffy the Stand-in is representing both sides of the debate today.

So if a death predicting cat crept into your room, would you view it as a blessing or a curse?  Fly on over to the comments and let Stuffy the Stand-in know if you prefer your cats angelically beautiful or devilishly handsome. 

Angel Stuffy

Devil Stuffy