Richard FutchSouth Carolina casting director Richard Futch has been honored with acceptance into the Casting Society of America (CSA).  Futch received notice from the board of the CSA last week in the offices of Army Wives where he has been the SC Casting Director since its debut in 2006. 

Why is Death Cat excited about this?  Can’t we just be happy for someone else’s good fortune?  Okay, we’re excited because Richard is the casting director for Saying Goodbye, so his new elevated status will surely help us too!

The S.C. Film Commission called Richard the state’s premiere casting director since the mid-1990s.  If it filmed in SC, he most likely had a hand in some part of the casting.  

In addition to Army Wives, some of his other credits include The Notebook, Die Hard with a Vengeance, and the new Kevin Costner movie The New Daughter.  So Richard is old friends with our feline star Marmalade.