After battling on land and sea, Stuffy the Stand-in is now taking to the air.  Tired of hanging around, Stuffy the Stand-in found a bat costume that turned his world upside down, so he flew at it with blind enthusiasm.  But just because he bats his eyelashes at you, don’t cave in until you see the other choice.  “Honey, the girls will swarm around me, when I’m a cute little bee,” Stuffy the Stand-in waxed poetically when he caught a glimpse of his royal reflection.  Let’s hope those bold words don’t come back to sting him when he bumbles his way through his pick-up lines and breaks out into nervous hives. 

So what’s the best way to defy gravity: flapping through the darkness or flitting from flower to flower?  Fly on over to the comments section to let Stuffy the Stand-in know which aerial attire you like the best.  And help us build buzz by spreading the word about Stuffy the Stand-in’s daily costume clash. 

Bat Stuffy

Bee Stuffy