Agapé Senior resident showing her SC Film spiritThe staff and residents of Agapé have been amazing.  We’re not sure they knew what they were getting themselves into when they agreed to let us shoot there, but they have all been real troopers.  The residents have been patient as we lug equipment around the hallways and generally make a lot of noise.  And the staff has been great about finding us things we need, like a mop when a soda gets spilled.  Even though we’re a big, boisterous bunch, they actually seem excited that we’re there, especially after we bribed them with T-shirts.

The really fun part is that many of the staff and residents have agreed to be extras, so the scenes look more authentic with people milling around in the background.  Cynthia Scherbaty, the resident life coordinator, has been a huge help in getting us the people we need.  A few of the residents have been bitten by the Hollywood bug and are the first in line when we need some “atmosphere.”  It will actually be a fun drinking game once the movie is done – take a shot every time you spot the same lady in multiple scenes.