A year ago today, we woke up at the crack of dawn with our stomachs churning, applied an extra three coats of antiperspirant, and tried to act confident as we stepped on set for our first day of filming.  It’s almost impossible to believe a year has flown by since that awesome, yet nerve-wracking week of filming Saying Goodbye.  We miss our awesome students and our amazing professionals who made that week such a memorable experience.  We hope the past year has treated you well.

If you’d asked us a year ago, we would have guessed the movie would have been long done by now and already making the rounds at film festivals.  But since everyone involved has day jobs, it’s taken a little longer than we anticipated.  However, it’s important to us that we make the best film we possibly can, and as we near the finish line, we hope we’re making a movie our cast and crew are proud to be a part of. 

To celebrate our one year anniversary, we’re reposting the kitty cat dance video since it shows how much fun we had on set.   Enjoy!