Stuffy the Stand-in at Hoodoo tableAs you may remember, last year Stuffy the Stand-in had a blast trying on various Halloween costumes.  If you didn’t see them then, you should peruse his various ensembles.  And even if you did see them at the time, go back and gawk at his choices for a Halloween giggle

This year, Stuffy the Stand-in was too busy helping us with our new movie High Heels and Hoodoo to spend time preening in front of a mirror in his various costumes.  High Heels and Hoodoo is about ghosts and magic, so it’s a perfect fit for Halloween, made even more appropriate since we filmed in a cemetery at night the week before All Hallows Eve. 

Since there were no cats in this movie, we did not need Stuffy’s stand-in abilities, but he was on hand to supervise and horn in on any photo ops.  We’ve included a few of his creepy poses to commemorate the holiday.  Enjoy and have a very Happy Halloween! Jocelyn, Stuffy, Will, and Brian at graveside