Genesis Press ConferenceOne of the reasons Cliff Springs was eager to join our project with his team (besides the brilliant script and the fact that we’re so awesome) is that the SC Film Production Fund dovetails nicely with a venture he is starting called Emergent Films.  Like the Production Fund, Emergent Films will train students and give them on-the-job experience while making movies with local crew, except it will be privately funded.  Cliff is using Saying Goodbye to help launch Emergent Films, along with a feature he wrote called See No Evil.

Cliff organized a press conference this morning to share with the media his plan for building the film industry in South Carolina.  As part of that, he introduced Brian to talk about Saying Goodbye.  Brian gave some background on the story and talked about the professionals and actors involved with the project.

Two of the local news stations ran the story, one can be seen here.