Karmen's SG PosterToday was a very bittersweet day – the last day of class for our project.  It’s almost impossible to believe that two semesters of working with the students on our movie have flown by so quickly.  We know they have been looking forward to this day, because they are ready for summer and many of them are graduating and moving on to what we know will be successful careers, but we will miss them.  We have enjoyed every minute of working with them, and they have been such an amazing source of energy and inspiration for us.   

For today’s class, they presented their final project – a press kit for our movie.  It’s great practice for them as they get ready to embark on their filmmaking careers.  Plus, we can stea—uh, we mean borrow— some of the things they came up with when it’s time to create the official Saying Goodbye press kit.  In addition to their press kit, they each had an additional project to help with the film.  Fred and Matt created an extended version of their behind the scenes featurette, Kasey researched film festivals and selected the ones that are the best fit for Saying Goodbye, Cassie put together a targeted marketing plan for us, Amanda composed a memory book from the set photos, and Karmen designed a new movie poster (right). 

It’s been a blast working with all of the students from both the first and second semesters.  We truly appreciate all the help you have given us, and we hope to work with you again in the future.  Good luck as you go forth and take the world by storm!