Jocelyn stands inSo remember how much I love being in front of the camera… as in not at all?  Well, it’s even worse when there are 20+ people in the room looking at you.  As the script supervisor, I didn’t have much to do until the action started, so they decided to put me to good use as Alma’s stand-in.  At first I wondered if I should be insulted (I don’t have that many grey hairs yet!), but if Rebecca doesn’t mind playing older, then I shouldn’t mind standing-in older. 

So before each shot, I get into position and everyone stares at me while they make adjustment to lights and gels and fans and stands and on and on while I fidget uncomfortably wondering if I still have any of the bagel I ate earlier in my teeth.  Every once in a while Dave will mutter something like, “Oh, that’s so unattractive.”  He’s talking about the light, right?  Right?!?  And it doesn’t help that I can see myself on the monitor – yikes!  I’ve heard the camera adds ten pounds, but even if that’s true, I’m still going on a diet when all of this is over.  I seriously don’t know how actresses do this every day.