Talent show anticsAlthough the day started with depressing weather, this has been the best day of shooting so far.  Not only does Mason the cat seem to be getting the hang of things, but we filmed the two fun flashback scenes today.  The last scene of the day was when Eunice and Alma play poker with two gentlemen who the ladies literally strip of all their belongings.  It was hard to keep “quiet on the set” with all the laughing.

But the scene before that was even more of a blast.  It’s a flashback of Alma and Eunice on stage dancing in a talent show.  We gathered a cafeteria full of Agapé residents to film the scene.  As we helped them to their seats, we learned that many of them thought they were attending a real talent show, so a few of the actors and crew members did quick little dances to keep them entertained while we adjusted the lights and camera.  

Rebecca and Edith are born entertainers, so they made the most of the scene once Cliff called action.  The residents clapped and cheered, and they kept the enthusiasm up over several takes from a variety of angles.  Everyone in the room had huge grins on their faces, and it’s nice to go into the two day break with such a great afternoon of filming.