Fitz Rutherford getting his hair doneIt’s hard to believe today was the last day of filming.   The schedule was light, with all the scenes being filmed in Alma’s room.  We did have one tricky shot that involved taking the sliding glass door down and setting up the camera rig on the balcony.  It’s the first scene with Alma and Kathy together, and Cliff wanted it to be all one shot with no cuts or alternate camera angles.  It took a number of takes to get every single nuance right, but it will be a nice change of pace from all the quick cuts and fast scenes of the opening when Gabriel is stalking the halls. 

After finishing those scenes, it was just a matter of filming some transition shots of life around the nursing home.  Cliff brought in his wife, kids, and parents to have a “Grandma!  Grandpa!” scene.  We also had several of our standard extras help us capture a few more transitions.

And then it was time for the very last shot.  Agapé has a hair salon on site, so we had a couple of our favorite ladies sit in the chairs pretending to get their hair done.  We even had Susan Hogue, our executive producer, playing one of the hairdressers.  What a fun shot to be the very last one!  And what mixed feelings… relief at finally being finished, excitement to see how it’s all going to cut together, and sadness that everyone will now scatter in their separate directions.