Rebecca KoonWe have finally cast our Alma!  At first glance Rebecca Koon doesn’t seem like the obvious candidate to play a woman in her mid-eighties.  But Rebecca is a skilled actress who completely transforms into Alma down to her arthritic hands and her shuffling walk. 

Rebecca has shared the big screen with many well-known actors like Julia Roberts, Cate Blanchett, and Giovanni Ribisi.  You can view her reel here.    

Even though her acting abilities were enough to make her perfect for the part, we found out later there are many reasons why she was meant to play Alma.  She crochets like Alma, her daughter’s name is Maggie like Alma’s, and in real life she is great friends with Edith Ivey who will be playing her best friend in the movie.  As if that weren’t enough, Richard Jennings taught her acting at USC AND she and her husband are close friends with Fred Story.  Kismet, fate, destiny?  Whatever it is, we’re just thrilled to have her on the team.