Stuffy and WillDuring a pre-production conference phone call with the department heads, Dave Insley suggested that we get a stuffed cat to use as a stand-in for lighting purposes.  What a great idea!  Plus, we figured if we could find one that was really realistic, then we might be able to use it in a pinch for those scenes where the cat has to stay still on the bed for long periods of time. 

So Will Bryan, our production designer, scoured the internet and found many freaky cat things.  They actually have some that breathe (it wasn’t quite the right color), and the Japanese have a realistic robotic cat that meows, blinks, purrs, and even sheds.  Ummm, okay.  Finally Will found this gem, which we gave the extremely creative name of Stuffy.  Honestly, it’s a little creepy, and we’re not sure who normally orders these things; however, we’re happy to welcome Stuffy to the team and hope we never have to use him except for stand-in purposes.