A few weeks ago, we were interviewed by Brian McConchie, the lead anchor for Good Day Columbia.  He’s doing a story on possible cuts to state funding of the arts, and since Saying Goodbye was funded by an amazing grant program from the SC Film Commission, he wanted to get our thoughts.  The idea of being interviewed on camera was almost enough to make Jocelyn hurl, but Brian M. did such a great job with the interview, that we were quickly put at ease.  We talked about the film and how much the grant has meant both to us and the students who worked on the film.  Hopefully we made a good case for why funding the arts is important. 

The story is supposed to air tomorrow morning (Monday, March 14).  Good Day Columbia airs from 5 – 9 a.m. on Columbia’s Fox station (WACH).  We don’t know which hour the story is supposed to air, so if you live in the Columbia area, set your DVR to record the entire morning block.  If you don’t live in the area (which includes Jocelyn, who’s both dreading and kind of excited to see how idiotic she sounds on camera), we hope to get a web link to the story, which we’ll post on the blog.


Charleston International Film Festival Laurels

In other news, the Charleston International Film Festival just sent us our laurel logo for being official selections.  We can now add the logo to our site to prove we really were selected, and it wasn’t a figment of our imaginations.  Hurray, our first laurels!  Aren't they beautiful?