Have you been keeping up with Stuffy the Stand-in’s daily costume smack down?  Click here to check out the other costumes and vote for your favorites.

Today a creature from the past clashes with a creature from the future.  To make sure he didn’t seem like a lazy bones, Stuffy the Stand-in knew he needed something dinomite to keep from becoming extinct in today’s contest.  So he found this spiffy dinosaur costume that he thinks will fossilitate votes while preventing a reptile dysfunction.  Or maybe Stuffy the Stand-in needs something out of this world to match the gravity of the contest.  It’s universal knowledge than a sparkly blue space alien costume will probe people to vote, which will launch Stuffy the Stand-in into a meteoric rise in fame as his popularity blasts off.

So if you were a scientist studying strange creatures, would you rather be a paleontologist or a xenologist?  Moonwalk your way to the comments section and tell Stuffy the Stand-in whether you’re on Team Barney or Team ET. 

Dino Stuffy

Alien Stuffy