No, Brian and I aren’t fighting and forcing the rest of the crew to pick a side… at least not yet.  And for the record, I’m always right, so it’s safer to pick my side in any argument! 

Actually, we just finished picking the casting sides, which are excerpts from the script for an actress to read for her audition.  With my wishy-washiness, it was tough to pick the perfect scene to judge whether the actress would be able to capture the true essence of the character.  “Oh, we have to use this one because she cries.”  “And we have to use this one too, because she’s dancing.”  “But wait, we also need this one because we have to make sure she can do that eyebrow quirk perfectly.”  And before I know it, I’ve picked the entire script. 

So we took a step back to decide exactly what each character had to nail to be convincing and used that to guide our picks.  We ended up with two scenes for each character, a high point and a low point, to see their range.  I can’t wait to see the candidates reading our lines!