My day job is working as a quality assurance analyst at a software company, which means I’m paid to nitpick other people’s work.  Add to that the fact I had a very clear picture in my head when I first wrote the short story, and poor Cliff didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he joined our team. 

Today we made another editing pass on Putty Gone Bad, and I came to the session armed with pages of “suggestions” for making the movie even better (keep in mind that I know nothing about editing).  Luckily, Cliff was a patient teacher and walked me through all the items on my list.  In many places, I saw the wisdom of the choices he had made; in other places, he agreed that my suggestion worked better.  In the process, I learned so much about all the things an editor has to be mindful of when fitting the plethora of puzzle pieces together into the prettiest picture.  I actually had fun getting to dip my hands back into the creative part of making the movie, and I hope I didn’t drive Cliff too crazy.