As you may know, highly anticipated movies are often delivered to theaters with false names to maintain secrecy.  Since Saying Goodbye is such a highly anticipated flick, Cliff delivered the rough cut to us with the label, “Death Cat 2: Putty Gone Bad.”  With great eagerness, nervousness, excitement, and even a touch of nausea, we popped the DVD into the player to watch it.

It was a surreal experience watching our movie for the first time.
There’s the complete shock of “Holy crap, that’s our movie on the TV!” 

There’s the slight feeling of panic that it doesn’t 100% match the movie we’ve been carrying in our heads since day one…

… followed by the feeling of relief when we realize it doesn’t matter because this version is just as good. 

There’s the utter joy of “Oh my God, we actually did it!”

And then many other emotions swirling around our buzzing brains.  It’s hard to image how it’s going to feel watching it in a movie theater up on the big screen.