SC ETV RadioThis morning we made our radio debut on NPR!  When we blogged about our experiences at the Beaufort International Film Festival, we mentioned a few opportunities had come up we didn’t want to jinx by talking about them… well, this was one of them.  Mike Switzer (the host of The South Carolina Business Review, which airs Monday-Friday at 7:52AM) was at the screening and Q&A for Saying Goodbye and wasn’t scared off by the fact that Jocelyn talks a million miles a minute when she’s nervous, so he approached her about coming on his show to talk about the film.

Since South Carolina ETV Radio is located in Columbia, Brian was also able to participate in the interview.  Even though we’ve done a few TV interviews, this was our first experience with radio, so it made us (Jocelyn!) a bit nervous.  But Mike instantly put at us ease and gave us the chance to talk about both Saying Goodbye and High Heels and Hoodoo

It’s been fun getting emails, texts, and facebook notes from friends saying they heard us this morning.  Who knew we had so many sophisticated friends listening to NPR so early in the morning?!

If you missed the broadcast, you can listen to the podcast of the interview here.  We don’t think we sound too cringeworthy.

A huge Thank You to Mike for including us on his show!