Concentrix StudioWith a small break between the end of filming and the start of editing, we decided it was time to meet with the man who will be scoring our film.  So we grabbed Cliff for a road trip up to Charlotte to meet with Fred Story and his team at Concentrix.  Walking in the door of Concentrix was eerily similar to walking into Genesis.  Both Fred and Cliff love what they do and have built offices and studios to reflect their passion and creativity.  Both buildings have vibrant, beautiful rooms and other clever touches that make them ideal places to work.
During our meeting with Fred and sound designer Anthony, we could tell we were in good hands.  Fred seemed very excited about the project and had lots of thoughts on how to use music to enhance the viewing experience.  He even had an idea on how to make Gabriel’s presence felt in places where we weren’t able to get our ideal cat footage – give Gabriel his own theme like Darth Vader or Friday the 13th’s Jason.  We vote for using the Jaws theme when Gabriel enters a room – that would certainly change the flavor of the movie.