Lost PromoWe’ve been fans of LOST since the beginning, so when we found out about a promo contest for their final episode, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate. We promise we’re not procrastinating – we’re practicing for making the Saying Goodbye trailer.

As part of the contest, ABC uploaded a bunch of clips from LOST which could be used to make the 35 second promo. After looking at all the clips (about 100 times), the perfect idea popped into Jocelyn’s head… Saying Goodbye. It’s a subtle way to cross promote our film and a great title for what we are sure will be the prize winning promo.

Although voting doesn’t count until the next round of competition, we wanted everyone to get a first look at our promo. So click the link below and "practice" giving us 5 Stars. We’ll keep you posted if (I mean when) we make it to the finals!