Marmalade in Senia Phillips' chairWe were saddened to learn that Senia Phillips passed away on December 21st.  Senia was the owner of Southern Animal Talent Agency and the trainer of Marmalade and Mason, the feline stars of Saying Goodbye.  We never had the pleasure of meeting Senia in person, because she was in poor health at the time of the shoot, but from our conversations with her on the phone, she was a wonderful person.  And her care and passion for animals was obvious, which automatically made her ‘good people’ in our books. 

We knew she’d been having health troubles, but we had no idea they were so serious, so we were shocked to hear she had passed at the young age of 56.  Our hearts go out to her family and friends (and animals), since it’s especially difficult to lose someone so close to the holidays.  We know all the animals she’s loved and adored over the years were waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge