Mary Elizabeth PowertballThe other day I had the TV on in the background when I heard a voice I thought I recognized.  I looked up just in time to see a familiar redhead doing a spastic dance of joy around a store.  It was a commercial for the SC Lottery featuring our Mary Elizabeth Cobb as a shopper who is SUPER excited about buying her first Powerball ticket.  I’ve seen the entire commercial several times since then, and I giggle every time Mary Elizabeth takes off on her crazy dance of celebration.

Mary Elizabeth on One Tree HillWhen I asked Mary Elizabeth about it, she also told me about another recent gig where she played a shopper.  It was the February 8th episode of One Tree Hill called “My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good.”  While I will embarrassedly admit to having watched the first season of OTH, I dropped it once it went over the top on the ridiculous scale.  But since I am a fan of Mary Elizabeth, I forced myself to watch the entire episode on the CW website. Mary Elizabeth did a great job as a condescending customer, completely different from sweet, sensitive Kathy.