Fred Story's Office at Concentrix MusicNow that we finally have picture lock, we drove up to Charlotte today to meet with Fred Story at Concentrix for our official spotting session for Saying Goodbye.  We watched the film with Fred and Anthony Fedele to make sure it was fresh in all of our minds.  Then we discussed sound design options with Anthony: where we wanted to hear the cat purr, when we wanted to hear sounds of chatter in the hallways, what pieces of dialog needed to be cleaned up, etc.  And since Rebecca Koon lives in Charlotte, she agreed to come to the the studio to redo a line of Alma’s dialog to compensate for one of the cut scenes

Then poor Fred was locked in a room with us for hours as we went through the movie scene-by-scene talking about the mood of the score for each one.  Since neither of us is very musically inclined, we relied on lots of adjectives to describe how we wanted each scene to feel, often sounding like overexcited thesauruses.  Fred would absorb what we said and then start talking about which instruments best captured those adjectives.  

It was a great collaboration with the three of us bouncing ideas off each other and seeing them improve as each person added their input.  We can’t wait to see what magic Fred makes with his music.