Sandra LaffertyAnother of the three strong southern women in High Heels and Hoodoo is Nanna (we never learn her actual name).  The elegant Nanna is made from that infamous magnolia steel, so we needed an actress who could easily convey her sophistication and determination.  We recently watched The New Daughter (which featured Marmalade, our feline star in Saying Goodbye), and we were impressed by Sandra Lafferty and thought she’d make a great Nanna.   

Our casting director Richard Futch had worked with Sandra in the past and agreed she was perfect for the part.  It turns out she lives in Alabama, so we had to squeeze our tight budget to get her to Charleston, but we think she’s totally worth it. 

Sandra’s IMDb page lists an impressive number of credits in well-known movies and television shows.  Some of her recent high-profile projects include Walk the Line, the remake of Footloose, and the upcoming sure-to-be-a-blockbuster The Hunger Games.  We’re so excited to have an actress with Sandra’s experience as part of our project.