Lady Filmmaker Film Festival at Writers' Guild TheaterAs we mentioned, we were too busy preparing to film our new short High Heels and Hoodoo to be able to attend the Lady Filmmaker Film Festival.  It was frustrating not being there to support our film, but fortunately we had a generous friend there cheering on Saying Goodbye.  We both know Taree aka topangarose from the writing contests and forum at NYC Midnight.  She lives in California, and when she heard Saying Goodbye was coming her way, she made plans to see it, despite an already busy day.

And not only did she attend, but she also took these pictures of the marquee and lobby for us (she said the crowd was already seated in the theater when she got there) and picked up a program to send us for our scrapbook.  She said our short “got a great reaction,” and she had some very lovely comments about the movie that made us blush, and she also said she can’t wait to see our next film.  Hopefully our new film will be a good match for next year's LFFF and we'll actually be able to attend, so we can finally meet the fabulous Taree in person.  Thank you, Taree, for both your support and for providing a window into our LFFF screening for us. 

Lobby of Writer's Guild Theater during LFFFAnd the good stuff doesn’t end there.  A few days after the festival, the LFFF posted the 2011 Award Winners on their website, and we were thrilled to find out Saying Goodbye was one of three films selected for the Artistic Director’s Award!  The festival director emailed us that during our screening there was “Not a dry eye in the theater!”  We love hearing that!  Thank you so much to LFFF for not only selecting Saying Goodbye, but also giving it an award!