Charleston International Film FestYou make a movie, and through all of the hard work, you hope you’re making something audiences will like.  You show it to a few people and they tell you they love it, but most of them share your DNA, so they’re required to say that.  You gather up your courage and send it to a few experts, and they say very nice things, but maybe they’re just being polite.  So you finally have to take the plunge and send it out to film festivals.  Then the doubts and nerves set in.  What if everyone hates it?  What if they think it’s too sappy?  What if you don’t get accepted to one single festival?

Well, we don’t have to worry about that anymore.  We are delighted to announce that Saying Goodbye is an official selection for the 2011 Charleston International Film Festival!  Can we get a ‘whoo hoo’?  It’s especially fitting that the CIFF is our first acceptance because we grew up in the Charleston area.  We are thrilled that our first ‘yes’ is from our hometown film festival and hope they are only the first of many.

This will be the fourth year for the CIFF, which showcases shorts, features, documentaries, and animation from across the globe.  They also offer free industry panels, workshops, and exclusive after parties.  We had a great time attending many of the CIFF events last year, and we’re overjoyed that we get to participate this year as official selections.  The festival is May 18-22, so mark your calendars!