Here at Death Cat Entertainment, we love getting dressed up for Halloween.  The smallest member of our team, Stuffy the Stand-in, has been in a tizzy the past few weeks trying to decide what to wear on All Hallows’ Eve.  So in the week leading up to the big night, he will model his various costumes and let his fans help him decide what to wear.

First up, it’s a skirmish at sea!  Stuffy the Stand-in found this jawsome shark costume he really wants to sink his teeth into.  He thinks it would be lots of fin to nibble on a few surfers.  But then he found himself in a pinch when he discovered the lobster costume because he was already in hot water for buying the shark costume with the company card.  

So it boils down to this: is being a crustacean everything it’s cracked up to be or will he be steamed if he wears something else?  Don’t be shellfish, leave a comment telling Stuffy the Stand-in which oceanic costume suits him best.

Stuffy Shark

Stuffy Lobster