Just got off the phone with Richard (our casting director). He’s about to start making calls in search of our young leading lady Kathy–the bubbly nurse who wears her heart on her sleeve.

Richard asked us to rank our wish-list actresses in order of our preference. He’ll start at the top and keep going down the list until he gets a "yes." The tricky thing is because of our budget, when he contacts the actress’s people he is basically offering her the job. So if she says "yes" there are no auditions, no read-throughs and no take-backs. Which is a little scary.

Everyone on our list is a VERY talented actress, but we have not seen most of them in a role that requires a wide range of emotions and real tears. So what if we love her, she says yes, and we’re all excited, only to find out on the set that she can’t cry to save her life. Or what if she gets all red, puffy and gross with snot running out of her nose… we did not budget for a snot wrangler!

Hopefully one of our top choices will say "yes," and we’ll get someone who is both a great actress and a beautiful crier.