Rebecca Koon as Alma in "Saying Goodbye"More terrific news out of the Beaufort International Film Festival!  We just found out that Rebecca Koon, the star of Saying Goodbye, was nominated for Best Actor.  It’s a richly deserved honor.  Not only did Rebecca bring Alma to life in a way likely to bring tears to your eyes, but she was also a great help on set and has been an enthusiastic supporter at several screenings.  We are so thrilled for Rebecca and hope she takes home the award come February.

And while we’re sharing good news about Rebecca, we also wanted to mention that she had a part in Showtime’s fantastic new series Homeland.  If you watched the show, Rebecca played Faisel's assistant in the episode where Virgil and his brother search the suspected terrorist's office.  It was such a surreal experience to be watching the show and see her pop up on screen.  If you haven’t been watching the show, make sure to put it in your Netflix queue – the story is twisty and suspenseful and the acting performances are phenomenal.  We’re excited for Rebecca that she got to be part of such a critically-praised show.