Matt SefickToday was the big prep day before we start shooting tomorrow.  The four principal actors arrived for their hair, makeup, and wardrobe tests.  After only seeing videos of them playing our characters, it was strange meeting and interacting with their real selves.  They were all extremely nice – not a diva in sight.

The animal trainers also arrived with Marmalade and his back-up Mason.  The cats have that regal “Yes, I’m a star” look, but then again, most cats do.  The trainers also brought two absolutely adorable orange tabby kittens.  They are brothers who are in training to be doubles for Marmalade and Mason; and if they aren’t careful, Jocelyn is going to run off with the kittens when the trainers’ backs are turned. 

The crew was there to unpack the truck and get everything set up and ready to go for tomorrow.  The art department was also running around like crazy bringing Alma and Eunice’s rooms to life.  The staff and residents at Agapé were probably wondering what they had gotten themselves into… and seeing that overwhelming amount of activity, we may have been wondering the same thing!