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Saying Goodbye DVD
Saying Goodbye DVD with shipping* – Only $6.99

The Saying Goodbye DVD makes a great addition to any collection, so order your copy of this award-winning film today. The DVD not only has the movie you love, but it's packed with bonus features including:

  • The Original Short Story – See where it all began with Jocelyn's original short story, and find out what inspired her to not only write the story but also turn it into a short film.
  • Herding Cats – A comical look at what it was like working with the feline stars of Saying Goodbye. Should we have listened to the old adage about never working with animals on set? 
  • Filming at Agapé Senior – The residents and staff at Agapé Senior opened their home to the cast and crew of Saying Goodbye. See our tribute to this amazing group of people.
  • Training Future Filmmakers – We had a blast with our student crew members from The University of South Carolina and Trident Technical College. See our production through their eyes.
  • Deleted Scenes – The original cut of Saying Goodbye was 24 minutes long, while the final version is just over 16 minutes. Watch some of what we left on the cutting room floor.

The Saying Goodbye DVD also makes a great gift for the movie or cat lovers in your life. To order, please click the Buy Now button above.

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